Distribution Russia - Wholesale, resale and import to the Russian Federation

Distribution Russia is a leader in the distribution of high-quality health products, cosmetics and leisure equipment to the Russian retail market and consumer. Our specialist supply chain managers facilitate the procurement, warehousing and delivery of international brands to the Russian market. As a service led organisation we work closely to create collaborative partnerships with businesses to ensure the fastest and best service in the industry, keeping supply chains across Russia open at all times.

Director Vision: Igor Elizarov

We have earned the reputation of a company operating with the utmost integrity. for many years we have developed a network through which business partners and clients receive the best level of service. Now, as always, we strive to ensure that our internationally sourced brands are found in all prime locations throughout Russia.

Exceptional dedication to standards & reliability

Distribution Russia offers the best distribution platform for specialist products entering the Russian market. As a long established organisation we're dedicated to supporting both established and new brands, whilst developing long standing relationships with all our partners. At Distribution Russia we specialise in:

  •   Mass market cosmetics
  •   Boutique skincare and make-up
  •   Healthcare products
  •   Leisure equipment

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Specialist Products

Distribution Russia offers a fully established supply chain throughout Russia incorporating a network of retailers and own-brand stores:

We have developed strong international partnerships with major brands to bring their products to Russia.

We use our buying power to negotiate competitive pricing for your retail requirements.

We can supply exclusive products direct from our warehouses to any location in Russia.

We operate specialist retail stores in Moscow, expertly positioning new products on the market.

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